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Spotify Streaming Campaign

Over the last decade, Spotify has become the worlds most popular way to consume music, with 286 million of us currently signed up. With it’s popular and highly sought after editorial playlists and millions of independent and brand owned playlists, who wouldn’t want to promote their music on Spotify? Our unique Spotify Streaming Campaign is perfect for artists who want to build an audience on the platform.

The hybrid campaign starts with targeted engagement of Spotify users to not increase streams on your track, and in turn monthly listeners for your Spotify artist page. Once your Spotify is alive with streams and monthly listeners, we then start pitching your track to our network of curators from brand owned, independent tastemaker, and highly sought after Spotify editorial playlists for inclusion on their playlists. You’ll receive a detailed report of who the track was pitched to and any feedback or adds at the end of the campaign.

All streams are 100% organic, eligible for royalties and the official Spotify chart. Increasing your streams may also results in new followers and saves of your track, making your music more likely to show up in search ranks or algorithmic generated playlists, increasing your popularity as an artist even further. Our promotions team have built an extensive network of playlist curators, from all musical genres, in territories across the world to get artists music in-front of Spotify’s truly global audience.

There are 3 tiers of campaign available, to achieve a minimum guaranteed amount of organic streams over an undefined time period:

  • 5K Spotify streams

  • 10K Spotify streams

  • 20K Spotify streams

If you are interested in taking your stream to the next level, contact us below to discuss which plan will work best for you!

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