No limit records now offer spotify playlisting campaigns

Spotify Playlisting Campaign

Over the last decade, Spotify has become the worlds most popular way to consume music, with 286 million of us currently signed up. With it’s popular and highly sought after editorial playlists and millions of independent and brand owned playlists, who wouldn’t want to promote their music on Spotify?

For artists who have already built an audience on Spotify through previous releases, a Spotify Playlisting Campaign is the perfect way to make a bigger impact with your next release. Playlist placements are a great way to get more listeners for your music because they expose your track to their large dedicated following who will stream and potentially save your releases to their library or personal playlists. We have personal connections with 100s of brand owned and independent tastemaker playlist curators. We connect with them each week presenting the latest releases for consideration in their playlists. Our team understand the Spotify landscape and cater campaigns with a curator’s perspective in mind. Our proven track record of delivering outstanding results range from unsigned artists, independent and major labels.

Getting your music added to an influencer playlist helps boost your chances of being added to Spotify’s Discover Weekly algorithmic playlist which is updated every Monday. Achieving a placement with one of Spotify’s algorithmic playlists is the starting point to an organic viral and the end goal from playlist promotion.

We treat each song individually and design the campaign around your previous Spotify history as an artist. We focus on quality over quantity of placements, by pitching to targeted playlists that fit the sonic and geographic demographic of your release. This tailored approach ensures a higher save to stream ratio on your release. This along with a low skip rate sends indicators to Spotify that the track is performing well, which typically triggers Discover Weekly which are the key organic ways to achieving virality. You’ll receive a detailed report of who the track was pitched to and any feedback or adds at the end of the campaign.

There are 3 tiers of campaign available, to achieve a minimum guaranteed amount of organic streams from playlist adds, campaigns usually last 4 weeks -

  • 20K streams

  • 50K streams

  • 100K streams

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